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Essay on History of Nike and Ecommerce - 986 Words

History of Nike and E-commerce Nike is a major publicly traded sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States. Nike, originally known as â€Å"Blue Ribbon Sports† was founded by University of Oregon track and field coach Bill Bowerman and student athlete Philip Knight in January of 1964. Blue Ribbon Sports was operated out of Knight’s automobile trunk, as a distributor for Japanese shoe make Onitsuka Tiger. Three years later in 1967, Blue Ribbon Sports opened up its first retail store in Santa Monica, California. In 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports and Onitsuka Tiger’s relationship was coming to a closure. BRS was ready to launch its own line of footwear, which would call attention to the newly designed Swoosh. The swoosh was first†¦show more content†¦But Slowly).† Philip H. Knight, chairman and CEO of Nike, was quoted as saying, â€Å"With the Internet, we have an opportunity to recapture a level of intimacy and our consumer and simultaneously drive potential buy ers to our retail partners (Nike Runs With E-Commerce†¦But Slowly).† Nike’s experiment with e-commerce was initially a three-month offer available only in the United States. Nike offered some of its â€Å"Nike Alpha Project† items online, including footwear, apparel and equipment for sports like soccer, tennis, and basketball. This was initially a three-month limited time offer to give Nike the opportunity to test the waters of online selling and to face the challenges that every new e-commerce site encounters. Upon the initial testing, Nike opened up a more ambitious site with a wider product mix later in year of 1999. In 2006 Nike redesigned They added a faster search feature and more rich media to their website. In 2007 e-commerce represented about 1% to 2% of Nike’s total revenue of $16.3 billion. With 2% of all sales coming from the web, it was estimated that Nike posted about $326 million of revenue from e-commerce. Mark Parker, CEO of Nike said â€Å"Today I think we’re hovering around 1% to 2%, but we think that has potential to grow significantly† (Nike Steps Up its Commitment to E-Commerce). Parker also stated that â€Å"E-commerce today is a small percentage of our business relative to what we think it could or should be.Show MoreRelatedWhat Is The Semantic3s Product Data Apis?1121 Words   |  5 PagesProduct Data APIs We provide the ecommerce data that propels ecommerce innovation Semantic3’s product data APIs give you easy access to the world’s largest dynamic ecommerce database. You can seamlessly connect and get product data using UPCs, GTINs, EANs, or even product URLs and simple search terms. MatchMerged Data These APIs return data constructed by curating and merging data across multiple sources. Responses contain both static fields – product, brand and color – and site-specific fieldsRead MoreBecoming A Athlete And Sports Fan1710 Words   |  7 Pagescustomers with various skill levels become as successful as they can. This group of leaders is committed to giving creativity with affordable prices. According to the Adidas Company profile, the company has a plan to break records, make unforgettable history, and set the new trends. With the abundant amount of footwear, apparel and accessories, the Adidas Company is becoming more and more popular with new products always on the way. Located in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, The Headquarters of Adidas sits andRead MoreNike : A Company For Innovation2059 Words   |  9 PagesNike has been a model company for innovation and growth over the years as a leading manufacturer of athletic footwear, clothing and equipment around the world. Much has been made about how Nike has achieved such success and whether or not this success is sustainable. By analyzing Nike using Porter’s five forces, one can see just how they achieved success according to this model and how they will sustain it when looking towards the future. Nike also has been able to implement unique pricing andRead MoreSocial Media in India1910 Words   |  8 PagesSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY INDIA July, the 26th, 2013 INDEX - SOCIAL MEDIA IN INDIA: SOME FACTS NUMBERS - SOCIAL MEDIA AND ECOMMERCE IN INDIA - TOP ECOMMERCE WEBSITES IN INDIA - TOP ECOMMERCE WEBSITES IN INDIA SOCIAL MEDIA - STRATEGY PROPOSAL Limbara Srl / All rights reserved / 2013 SOCIAL MEDIA IN INDIA More than 76 million people in India will use social networking sites at least monthly this year, up 51.7% from last years total. Doubledigit growth in users will mean that by 2014, 83%Read MoreNike E-Business Essay2179 Words   |  9 Pages1. Company name – What is the company doing in general? Nike is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. They’re known universally for producing a wide range of sports equipment for the amateurs and the professionals. They’ve built their reputation thanks to a great marketing campaign and by sponsoring the most famous professional sportsmen. As of 2012,Read MoreConsumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping18477 Words   |  74 Pagesfashion and lifestyle brands in India, such as Nike, Inc., Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Asics, Lee, Lotto, Decathlon, FIFA, John Miller, Indigo Nation etc. to offer a wide range of current season merchandise from these brands Myntra currently offers products from more than 200 Indian and international brands. These include shoes for running, tennis, football, basketball and fitness, along with casual footwear from world-renowned industry leaders like Nike, Puma, Converse, Adidas, Decathlon, Reebok, LeeRead MoreHistory of Adidas5787 Words   |  24 PagesThe company is held in esteemed regard throughout the sporting world and its athletes, by producing sports footwear, apparel and accessories that are both innovative and of the highest quality. This reputation has been forged from a rich 80 year history of creating such products mixed with an undesired passion for sport and its culture3. For the adidas group to maintain this innovative mindset In modern times, they have to employ teams of designers, product developers and biomechanical experts atRead MoreCustomers Behaviour in E-Commerce in China17665 Words   |  71 Pagesnetwork to achieve market share and increase profit purposes. The company, which t he thesis is concentrated on, is a company involved in online e-commerce in China. The purpose of the study is to collect the primary data about customer behaviour in ecommerce through an in-depth interview. Furthermore, a questionnaire was chosen for case analysis in the thesis. As a result of the study, the company still has a long way to improve itself in e-commerce in the future. In addition, the marketing strategiesRead MoreGap, Inc. Portfolio Analysis5707 Words   |  23 PagesPiperlime, and others. These different companies are bought by the parent company in different times. Started as a general jeans retiling store, Gap, Inc. today has a market value of $13.32 billions. Throughout its history, Gap, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the industry. History: In July 1969, Donald Fisher and his wife Doris went to buy a pair of Levi’s jeans in a department store. But they could not find a pair that would fit him, which led them to feel that the demand of jeansRead MoreNew Product Development And Its Branding Strategy Essay3848 Words   |  16 Pagesto the administrations and encounters that you give. Brands recognize and separate an organization s offerings to clients and different gatherings. A brand is more than a name (or imprint). Other brand components, for example, logos and images (Nike s swoosh and McDonalds golden arches), bundling (Coke s shape bottle and Kodak s yellow and dark film box), and trademarks (BMW s Ultimate Driving Machine and VISA s It s Everywhere You Want to be) assume a critical marking part as well

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