Saturday, March 14, 2020

Their IS Confusion

Their IS Confusion There Is Confusion Jessie Fauset's novel There Is Confusion explores the limited oppurnities of colored women in 1924, and how they struggled to make better lives for their families as well as themselves.This book explores the period of the Harlem Renaissance when families migrated from rural areas of the south to the north for a better life. It also showed how diverse Harlem was during this period because of the migration. One women in particular I will focus on in this essay is Joanna Marshall. Joanna was interested in the field of asthetics and began to build her life around what she loved best , which was music and art.Joanna was the youngest of four siblings and her father's favorite. Her father Joel Marshall always had high expectation for Joanna and knew she would be someone special someday. Joanna resembled her father and everything that Joanna wanted to acheive he admired that even though his goals in life were never accomplished, because he had to provide for his family.Ima ge:Thereisconfusion.jpg cropped and enhanced by...

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